Most Powerful Dua For Rizq

Most Powerful Dua For Rizq

Most Powerful Dua For Rizq, “Rizq ke lie dua ka sabase bada sangrah aur aapake jeevan mein sabse badi saflta. sabase takatwar aur tejee se kaam karane vaale dua aur saflta ke lie raj tumhre jeevan maamalon mein samasyaen.

What is Dua

Dua ka matalab h ki tumhare samasya ke lie allah se parathna karana aur poorn vishvaas rakhana aur vishvaas karana ki vah aapakee problem ka samaadhaan karega. isase pahale dua ko yah kahana mahatvapoorn h ki vah apane shabdon mein sabase mahaanatam aur sabase shaktishaalee vyakti h aur prashansa karate hain. ya use aise shabdon mein krpaya bataen ki vah aapakee apake ichchha pradaan karata hai, isalie is naam ke lie kaee naam aur shlok sujhae gae hain, haalaanki aap apane svayan ke shabdon ka prayog kar sakate hain jo aapakee sachchee bhaavanaon ko vyakt karate hain aur phir riyaaj ke lie dua karate hain. aap adbhut parinaam praapt karenge.

Best dua for rizq:-

Best dua’s for rizq which are prescribed are which were instructed to us by our sacred prophet.the most legitimate ones . So making new wudu will fortify your dua .so on the off chance that you need your rizq to expand then you might state your chast petitions routinely in the accompanying way.

  • make crisp wudu
  • say chast petition
  • recite durood sharif for 11 times at begin
  • recite surah fateha 41 times
  • make dua
  • finally present durood sharif once more

This will make your dua reach to allah in extremely solid way and bring productive outcomes .

Strong dua for rizq:

This is the best and result situated method for making dua and have been by and by tried and has great outcomes and the best thing about it is that it needn’t bother with much neglected the accompanying strides to prform this capable dua:

  • get the sacred water(abe zam)
  • after fajar supplication remain towards kabbah
  • drink this water in three stages
  • don’t breath from your mouth while drinking
  • at that point make dua for rizq and achievement
  • rub your the two hands all over

presently sit tight for some days and witness it with your eyes.

Most Powerful Dua For Rizq:-

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